How to Join

Want to create your own Project APEX cards?

Download the templates HERE. Create your cards.

Welcome to the family!


If you want your cards to be considered “official” and listed on the Card List page there are a few requirements:

  • they follow the Design Specifications
  • at least some of your cards must be available for sale (or will be in the near future)
  • you do not intend on releasing high-resolution versions of the cards anywhere (not on Patreon, or as vote bait or anywhere)


If you think your cards meet these requirements, you’re ready to submit! But first, be aware of some things:

  • if the cards are the first for a particular webcomic, we need you to provide additional items, including a description/synopsis of the webcomic, a link to the webcomic, and a 700×80 px banner
  • if you have multiple cards to submit, submit only one and wait for us to email you back so you can send the rest. That way, if we find a mistake on one card that is on all of your cards you can fix it before you spend time preparing all of your cards for approval
  • we need submitted cards to be original-sized .jpegs


If that hasn’t scared you away (we hope it hasn’t!) then head over to the Application Form to get started!