Am I giving up any rights to my cards/comic by applying?

Not at all! All you are giving us is the right to display your cards on the site. Check out our Legal Information for more.

Who controls how the cards are sold/printed?

That’s all you! We offer the templates and the promotion, everything else is up to you. You can print how many cards you want, which ones you want, for how long you want, ect ect. We’re not going to say “oh well you have to make certain cards rarer than others” or “you can’t have more than X amount of cards available at a time” or “it’s time for you to discontinue some cards”. It’s your merch; you’re buying them from the printer, you’re selling them on your own store, you’re receiving all the profit from them, ect. All we ask is that least some of them have to be available for purchase. “Purchase” doesn’t just mean that they have to be listed on your web store individually; you can have some available through Patreon, or as an extra for a Kickstarter, but it does mean that they have to be a physical item. This is to keep people from listing a dozen cards that they never intend to print; it eats up our time and goes against the goal of the project.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make cards you don’t plan on getting printed; they just shouldn’t sent in to be listed on the site. There are only two of us to look through and approve cards at the moment; we’d rather be listing cards that are available for sale.

How many different cards would you need per person?

Just one! On our end that’s all that’s necessary for a listing.
We recommend getting a minimum of 18 cards printed (at least, if you use the same printer that we did) because from our experience the cost for, say, 5 cards is the same as 18. But those 18 can be a mix of cards. I, for instance, printed 4 cards of characters 1 and 2, and 5 of characters 3 and 4.

How many different types of cards can one make? Of course, at first, you want to start off with maybe one or two, but over time, how many is each comic allowed to create?

In general? As many as you so please! We’d recommend creating one first and submitting it to be sure that it meets all the requirements, and then going from there (so you don’t spend time making a bunch of cards that all have the same problem on them). Just remember that (at least until we figure out a better system) all cards (that you would want on the card list) have to be manually checked, and at least some of them have to be available for purchase. For the time being, only one card needs to be available for purchase out of all of your listings; eventually it may become that a percentage of cards need to be available.

Should the cards be limited to just characters or can they also feature locations, accessories, groups, etc?

The cards can be of anything, really. As long as they can have a picture, a description, and are part of your comic.

There are so many rules and requirements to apply ;_;

Our rules mostly pertain to the design of the cards, and that’s if you want to be part of the promotion part of the site. The reasoning behind this is that Pokemon cards all have the same layout (for the most part), Magic cards all have the same layout, and this gives a sense of unity. The same goes for Project Apex cards. And the back is all up to you. The reason for having to apply for the card list is because while it’s there for the creators to showcase their comic and cards, it’s also there for interested fans: it basically tells an interested buyer “These listed cards will look as awesome in your hand as they do on screen.”