Design Specifications

What makes a card a Project APEX card?

While the card templates are free and open to everyone, there are a few requirements that one needs to follow to have their cards posted on the site. Every card has seven main components, pointed out below:

These cards are actual size, but include the bleed area, which gets trimmed off during printing.

  1. Project APEX Logo. This is what tells everyone that your card is a Project APEX card. That’s its home up there. Please don’t move it.
  2. Border. While the border can be whatever color you want it to be, it has to remain the set width — this is the minimum width recommended by the printer to make sure your card looks nice once its cut.
  3. Image. Here is where your character art goes! We only ask that you don’t just cut out art from an actual page of your webcomic — your fans want to see new art!
  4. Character Name. Who’s featured on the card?
  5. Card Number. This is where you put your card’s unique card number. This is for all the collectors out there, that want to make sure that they have every single card you’ve made available. The letters stand for the comic, chosen by you. For example, the comic Kyria would start with card #KYR-0001. The comic Crystal Ball would start with #CTB-0001. If a 3-letter combo already exists, we will inform you during the application process and have you choose something else.
  6. Your Comic’s Logo. This is where you can put your comic’s logo (or just its name).
  7. Character Bio. Here goes a short blurb of the character.

Beyond these Unifying Objects, you are free to customize the card as you wish. While we do offer a pre-made back for the cards, you are more than welcome to create your own backs. It’s just another way to make the cards your own. Maybe you want all your cards to have a back that features your comic’s logo. Maybe  you want to create a back for each 18-card series. Maybe you don’t want to bother with designing a back. It’s all up to you!


The Packaging

Within Project APEX, a “Series” is a collection of 18 cards sold as a unit. The Game Crafter offers the ability to print the cards and then wrap them in retail packaging that you can customize accordingly.


Click to view actual size.


This is the base template for the retail packaging, and it includes a few Unifying Objects, only one of which must remain as-is:

  1. Comic Logo
  2. Series Number
  3. Image Area. While your chosen image can bleed out past this area, you should keep the most important elements in this area.
  4. The Project APEX branding. All of the other design elements for the packaging is optional; this is the only design requirement in the packaging that cannot be modified.
  5. Everything within the red line (which is just for demonstration) is part of the packaging; everything outside is cut away.

Below is an example of a complete design. The red line wouldn’t be in the final submission.


Click to view actual size.