What is Project APEX? It is, at its core, a trading card project open to all webcomic creators.

It allows anyone to become a part of a collection of artists and writers who all share a love for the webcomics they create. The idea behind Project APEX was to create some sort of merchandise that — while created and sold by individual webcomikers — shared a common, unifying theme. Cards, easily collectible and cheap to make and ship, seemed like the obvious choice.

Becoming a part of Project APEX can be as easy as pasting in an image and typing up some text. Our card template takes a lot of the frustration out of setting up cards for print: the back of the card is already designed, and the front template already takes into consideration important aspects of the printing process, such as bleed. But just popping in an image and some text and calling it a day is only a minimum: the template is designed to be customized, from changing the border colors to the font.

The Project APEX cards can be a cheap (or at least easily-mailed) physical incentive for all you Patreon folks (you could have tiers that include a card/booster pack a month) and they can make for a fun stretch goal for Kickstarters. They also make good promotional items for cons, in lieu of traditional business cards.

Additionally, cards that meet our Design Specifications are open to be featured in our Card List, where your webcomic gets its own page listing the cards available for it and where to buy them, so that any interested collector can grab their own!