Aaaand we’re live!

After about seven months of planning and preparation, we are happy to announce that Project Apex is now open for submissions! Aero Zero and I have been working hard these past months getting this project off the ground, and it’s exciting to see it finally go live. There may be a few hidden kinks that we probably missed, but all the important aspects work, haha. So feel free to wander through the site, or keep reading to learn how Project Apex works.

So what is Project Apex?

Simply put, it’s a trading card project open to all webcomic creators. And we mean completely open. Download our templates and go nuts! So what’s with the rest of the site and the card specs and requirements and stuff?

Well, this site also functions as a sort of physical-item webcomic listing, almost like a collective but showcasing these artifacts from different comics. It’s like a map of where to find all the cards in our awesome collection! To be a part of this listing there are a few requirements: your cards have to meet certain specifications, the full-size digital versions can’t be available online and at least some of them have to be available for purchase. As cool as just making digital cards for your characters is, Project Apex cards are meant to be physical items; that’s the fun part! Low-priced promotion + merch and you’ll be part of a fun project featuring a community of great comics!


So, I want to join this craziness, and be part of the card list. What do I have to do?

Download the templates. Customize them with your characters. Fill out the application form. Once you get the okay from us (that they meet the Project Apex requirements), get them printed/make them available for sale. Give us a link for your store/where you’re selling them so we can add it to your comic’s profile. Easy enough? *For the time being, since the site/system is essentially in open beta, we’re going to be a bit more lenient on the “cards available for sale” part, so people have time to get their cards going. Eventually we’ll regularly go through the comics and make sure that at least some cards are available for sale.


So, once I have cards for sale… that’s it?

Hopefully not! We want to host contests and other fun events as time goes on. So the more the merrier; come and join us! If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.